How did a person with 20 years of experience in IT end up in the beverage industry?

As an IT consultant, one of my clients was a local wine shop. I was asked to assist with the installation when the shop decided to purchase an Enomatic® system. It was a decision that would not only be a positive change for my client’s business, but also change the course of my career.

As a longtime wine enthusiast, I was intrigued by what I saw. After being invited to learn extensively about the machines, I became the Enomatic® service manager for Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. In 2019 I founded Glaspour, with a mission to combine the best-in-class products like the Enomatic wine serving and preservation systems, Franke coffee systems, iPourIt beer self-serve solutions, Mixologiq’s automated cocktail machine, and Taylor frozen beverage dispensers. Assembling these product offerings from around the world and coupling them with technical expertise and world class support, Glaspour became the sole aggregate beverage automation company of its kind in the United States.

My vision for Glaspour is to respond to calls from the industry for a way to eliminate lost profits from factors such as over-pouring, incorrect orders, and staff giveaways. I also want to offer solutions that will give customers a brand-new experience that is exciting and more engaging, sparking or reigniting their enthusiasm as beverage connoisseurs.  The ability to provide beverages direct-to-consumer helps them feel more in control of the product they are purchasing and encourages them to try new things.

My vision for this newsletter is not only to keep our friends and clients up to date on the latest from Glaspour, but to let you know about ways we can server you better and about intriguing industry trends as well. In everything we do, our goal at Glaspour is to bring beverage industry clients greater success and beverage consumers greater enjoyment through the choice, convenience, and efficiency of new technology.


Jimmy Scales
Owner, Glaspour