Providing a turnkey dispensing solution that allows businesses produce more cups of coffee throughout a day of service while using less product doing it. FloSmart is focused on ensuring that the growing number of beverage options are being dispensed from fridge to jug in the most sustainable, efficient and economical way possible.

Speed of Delivery

Increase speed of service, drive process automation, increase accuracy and consistency all while minimising waste! Flo-Smart offers the only fully automated, refrigerated line, beverage dispensing system giving flexibility in installation.

Quality & Consistency

Precision engineered technology means that with a push of a jug or glass, your exact beverages (dairy, milk alternatives and even wine) are delivered in consistent portions for your pre-programmed sizes at a set temperature. Every. Single. Time.

Workplace Safety

Minimize user movement and waste while ensuring the perfect pour every time. By placing a jug or glass by the Flo-Smart Touch dispenser, the correct size is detected and the required volume is accurately dispensed.

Critical Bench Space

Replace your cluttered dairy and alternative milk cartons or wine bottles with this sleek and operation-efficient system that dispenses directly from your fridge to your benchtop.


Flo-Smart is designed with you in mind
This hands-free, automated system is designed to bring speed, efficiency and cost reductions to any food or beverage operation. The Flo-Smart Touch can dispense up to 4 different pulp and sediment-free still beverages, dispensing the exact amount of beverage every single time.

Simultaneous Pouring
Pours 2 jugs of different liquid simultaneously to save time

Jug Rinser
Commercial grade jug rinser, so milk jugs are spotlessly clean between usage

Hands Free Operation
Proximity sensors recognize jug size, accurate volume dispensed without user input

4 Tap Option
Dispense up to 4 different beverage types via the head unit

Semi-аutomated Cleaning
With an independent chiller, conducted via the user control panel, the system only requires weekly chemical cleaning

Customisable Controls
Intuitive user interface has many customizable options so it can be fit for purpose

Container or Bladder Option
Compatible with either milk bladders or our proprietary 18L beverage containers

Data Logging
Records key data for customer review. Data can be exported in a variety of formats

Width: 10.25″

Height: 10.25″

Depth: 15.25″

Power: 110v – 220v