Audio & Video Solutions

We offer cutting edge Audio and Video Solutions giving you Access to Millions of Songs, Customized Playlists, Music on Demand, and Scheduled Promotions.


Access Millions of Songs

All of your background music licensing fees are covered, if needed, in the monthly cost of the MUSICbox. All audio tracks are processed to be at the same sound level. Scheduling Feature allows you to have different types of music automatically start playing at different times of the day.

Customize Your Playlist

Our Music Programming team will initially hold consultation and creative conversations about the styles of music and create and schedule those initial custom playlists. If there is a song you do not like, you can remove it from your play list or add a personal favorite to any list

Have Music on Demand

If you wanted to hear Queen singing “We are the Champions”, you could instantly start playing that song. You can even have Multiple Sound Zoning, the ability to have different music playing in different areas of your establishment all from one MUSICbox.

Schedule Promotions

Our System allows you to mix in a promo message for something like “Weekend Discounts” every three songs, or use this to integrate seasonal music into your music rotation.

Audio Video Solutions

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