Self-serve pour by the ounce system.


Easy Installation
Simply remove your current tower and replace it with the TapStation. Reconnect the lines with our quick connect couplers, program your beverages, and you’re ready to go.

RFID Liquid Pour Technology
Each TapStation includes RFID reader that staff or guests must touch with their RFID card or bracelet before pouring. With no delay, pouring begins and sales are recorded. Your taps are locked without an active RFID card, preventing unauthorized pours.

Break the Bar Staff/Floor Staff Bottleneck
Position taps anywhere for floor staff access. There’s no longer a need to rely on behind-the-bar tap placement for security and staff accountability, opening up a whole new paradigm in restaurant design and operations, and dramatically increasing pour-to-table delivery rates. This frees up bartenders to focus on bar customers and time-consuming mixology, and less time devoted to service drinks for floor staff.

Cloud-Based Reporting
Each pour is recorded and transmitted in real time to our cloud-based reporting software including beverage brand, date and time, amount poured and staff members.

Basic Features

  1. Two and Four Keg Dispenser

  2. Portion Control and Free Pour option

  3. Industry standard tower

  4. Industry standard tap handle mount

Advanced Features

  1. Cloud Based Database

  2. RFID Access Control

  3. Room Key Integration Option

  4. POS Integration Option

A New Standard of Beverage Control
The days of losing valuable revenue from keg free-pouring are now over. Every pour from the TapStation is accounted for using the most advanced RFID-based technology, preventing unauthorized access to your taps while tracking staff use.


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How does self-serve beer and wine work? The iPourIt model empowers patrons to make choices, skip waiting, and have fun. It also enables operators to charge for the amount the patron pours while serving responsibly.


Wine by the keg?? That's right! There is a stigma that great wine only can be preserved in a bottle. Quality wine makers are now finding that great wine is great no matter the approved storage method. Storing wine in a keg avoids overheating, oxidization, and helps keep its proper flavor. This is because it never touches air until its served.


Any Cocktail (strained of fruit and pulp) can be served on draft. So why serve cocktails from a tap?

More consistency | Serve many drinks faster | Save on packaging and storage | Easy samples of a cocktail


Kombucha has been a staple drink in Northeast China for almost 2,000 years and is a fermented, slightly alcoholic, lightly effervescent, sweetened black or green tea drink commonly consumed for its supposed health benefits. Storing kombucha on tap means less waste for glass bottles and aluminum cans

Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee on tap? How about nitro coffee from a stout faucet so it pours rich and creamy? Nitro coffee (nitrogen infused coffee) is gaining popularity. A large number of coffee shops are now using nitrogen draft systems for serving coffee on tap. Our system technology keeps your cold brew fresh, smooth, and ready to drink.

Soft Drinks

Softdrinks in a keg combine design and protection for non-alcoholic beverages too. You can use trusted brands that every customer will love, experiment with the growing market of specialty sodas, or even utilize our system to strengthen your brand. Storing softdrinks on tap allow you to optimise both in the warehouse and your bar or restaurant.

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