f’real is an innovative company on a mission to deliver high-quality and delicious frozen beverages. Established in 2002, f’real has quickly gained recognition for its unique blending technology that combines convenience and great taste. Their self-serve blending machines allow customers to create their own customizable milkshakes, smoothies, and frozen coffee drinks with the push of a button. f’real’s commitment to using real, premium ingredients sets them apart, ensuring that every sip is packed with authentic flavors and textures. Their dedication to quality extends to sustainability as well, with efforts to reduce waste and increase energy efficiency in their operations. With a wide range of flavors and a focus on delivering a memorable and enjoyable experience, f’real continues to redefine the frozen beverage industry and delight consumers around the world.


SmartSoda is a cutting-edge beverage company dedicated to revolutionizing the soda industry through innovative technology and sustainable practices. With a commitment to providing healthier and more customizable drink options, SmartSoda has developed a state-of-the-art beverage dispenser that allows users to create their own refreshing concoctions with natural flavors and sweeteners. By utilizing smart technology, their machines offer a seamless and interactive user experience. SmartSoda’s mission extends beyond taste and convenience, as they prioritize environmental responsibility by implementing eco-friendly practices throughout their operations. With a vision to transform the way people enjoy soda, SmartSoda is leading the charge towards a healthier, more sustainable future in the beverage industry.