Easily Create New Profit Streams and Tap Into Our Innovative Beverage Concept & Boost Profitability Overnight.

Give beer the precision and consistency it deserves; a perfect pint at the perfect temperature every single time.

  • Provide a perfect pour for your guests. Every beverage served at the optimal temperature and at the desired amount, every time.
  • Self-service makes for a very short wait. Your guests will brag to their friends about how quickly they were able to quench their thirst using our on-demand beverage system. No more flagging down the bartender or waiting for a server to stop by.
  • Integrate the traditional service flow with our technology and reap the benefits. A server can take the guest’s drink order, proceed directly to a dispenser, pour the requested drink and return to their guest’s table in half the time. Faster service times = more consumption = happier customers = return trips.
  • Reduce staffing. Reduce waste. Reduce theft. Reduce overpouring and underpouring. Decrease the expense part of the equation and enjoy more profit per pour than you ever have before.

Software & Technology

A Single Cloud-Based CRM System & Database

The dispensers are nice, but that’s only one part of our beverage system. Every single unit is integrated with our custom cloud-based software portal. It tracks every pour, logs every guest transaction and generates any real-time report you need to optimize your beverage program. The front-end is a user-friendly POS interface that puts you in complete control: manage inventory, adjust pricing and create digital menus all in one place.

Sales Monitoring & Reporting

  • Detailed product sales and gross volume reporting tools.
  • Employee sales and access reports to enforce accountability.
  • Keg sales reports by brand and varietal.


The Perfect Pour For Any Business

Our groundbreaking digital keg serving solution is the first commercially available cloud-based digital dispenser on the market. Take control of your keg program with our TapStation system. It combines elegant style, functionality and our cloud-based intelligence to optimize every single drop of your kegged beverage.

Two (2) & Four (4) Spout Design

Industry Standard Tower & Tap Handle Mount

Customized Portion Control & Free Pour Settings

RFID-based Security & Tracking
Prevent unauthorized access to your beer and batch cocktails with the power of RFID technology. Your taps are locked until an approved RFID card or bracelet activates the system. The technology tracks every single pour so you can account for the flow of your inventory from keg to glass. 

Effortless Installation
Switch out your current tower with our state of the art TapStation. Reconnect the beer lines with our couplers, program the beers and batch cocktails in our system and start serving pints in a way fitting for the 21st century. 

Versatile Deployment Capabilities
Free up space behind the bar and create new revenue-generating areas. Our TapStation is a self-sufficient unit that can be installed anywhere on your floor. Take pressure off your bar staff and increase beer, batch cocktail and non-alcoholic beverage sales.

High Resolution Color LCD display

Width: 11.53″″

Height: 8.35″

Depth: 7.5″

Power: 110v – 220v

Weight: 24 lbs.