We offer cutting edge robotic technology in the various service industries including Food and Beverage, Accommodation & Lodging, Travel & Tourism, and Disinfection & Sanitation .


Food & Beverage

Food delivery robots can improve service efficiency, reduce labor costs and create service characteristics for the catering industry. Additional to serving dishes in restaurants, it can also be used to serve tea and water in offices, send and receive express deliveries, deliver takeaway food, and provide goods distribution services.

Travel & Tourism

The fully autonomous positioning and navigation technology has turned a new page of the commercial guiding robot.
Through deep integration of multiple sensors such as LIDAR, machine vision, depth vision, and sonar,
the robot can work efficiently and stably in complex environments,
bringing you a more powerful and more personalized experience.

Accommodation & Lodging

The hotel robots are responsible for instant delivery of items to the room. The robots are connected with the elevator and telephone, and they can take the elevator up and down independently. They can take the initiative to call the room phone, perform cross-floor room delivery service, remind guests to pick up the required items using voice, and return by the original route, to protect guests' privacy and create a smart hotel platform.

Disinfection & Sanitation

Disinfection robots focus on unmanned disinfection of indoor environments with high population density and mobility, such as hospitals, restaurants, hotels, and schools. Moreover, equipped with the robot elevator IoT module, they can independently take the elevator and provide cross-floor disinfection and epidemic prevention services. Besides, the robots have the functions of low liquid alarm and intelligent anti-dry burning, which improve its safety performance.

Robotic Hospitality Solutions

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