Self-serve pour by the ounce system.


Clean-Pour Dispensing Head Technology
Designed to improve dated industry standards and provide the most effective, accurate, contamination free wine delivery system in the world.

Programmable Portion Control
Operators of the SpiritStation may define their own sizes for a taste, shot and double pour. The SpiritStation allows for a wide range of options from .25 – 9 oz.

AccuServe RFID Card Access Control
Our patented software affords the highest level of product security, access and accuracy to every pour.

Fully Customizable LCD Display
Utilizing the customizable LCD screens, share a wide range of tasting notes or menu pairings with staff or customers.

Basic Features

  1. Three (3) Customizable Pour Sizes Options: Taste, Shot, and Double

  2. Four (4) Clean-Pour Dispensing Heads

  3. State-of-the-art Thermo Electric Cooling System

  4. High Resolution LCD displays

  5. Dual Safety Lock Features

  6. Designed for Both Built-In and Countertop Applications

Napa Technology expands into the dispensing of spirits and batch cocktails with the introduction of the SpiritStation- the newest addition to the product family. With automated and programmable pouring options, restaurants, bars and clubs can customize their service based on the needs and demands of their business. Commercial operators are using the technology to provide consistent and regulated pours of spirits and batch cocktails.

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